Correct Toes

Examples of positive outcomes with the use of Correct Toes:

  • Align your toes to their true anatomical position and restore your natural foot shape and function
  • Correction of: bunions, hallux limitus and rigidus, tailor’s bunions, corns, ingrown toenails, heel pain, plantar fasciosis, neuromas, capsulitis, lower leg pain, and runner’s knee. No surgery or medications required.
  • Decreased injury rates in athletes, due to allowing the body to make better use of natural physiological adaptations that are hampered by current footwear available to athletes.
  • Increased performance in athletes (especially walkers and runners) by promoting foot positions that scientific studies have shown to have a 4 to 5% performance edge..
  • Less osteoarthritis (also known as degenerative arthritis), which currently plagues a majority of senior citizens, as well as a high percentage of the younger population.
  • Enhance strenth, balance and stability of the toes
  • Experince healthy, happy, and pain-free feet
Correct Toes are specifically designed to naturally restore postural integrity and function to the feet. The Correct Toes design features include,

  • The Correct Toes product was designed by a Podiatrist to specifically place each toe into it's correct anatomical alignment in relation to the ground and to one-another. Supporting natural alignment and function of the feet.
  • Correct Toes can be worn barefoot or inside appropriate* footwear while walking, running, standing, and throughout your daily activities. Wearing Correct Toes frequently and while weight-bearing leads to the most effective results.
  • The Correct Toes product has been extensively tested on hundreds of patients with outstanding success.
  • The Correct Toes product promotes balance and stability as it helps create a wider base for the foot by spreading the toes. This is particularly helpful in reducing strain and injury for any kind of balancing practice such as yoga. It is also particulary helpful in reducing the likelyhood of falls in the elderly.
  • Constructed of medical grade silicon, the Correct Toes is a North American made product that is flexible, highly durable and very comfortable to wear.
  • Through the use of functional realignment the Correct Toes product continually retrains, strengthens, and balances the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones of the feet. This provides an alternative approach over custom orthotics or surgery. Over time the Correct Toes product can restore the natural healthy function and postural integrity of the feet.

Correct Toes Information

1Sizing Guide
SizeShoe Size USAShoe Size EU
X-SmallK: 1-5
W: 5-6.5
SmallK: 5-7
W: 6.5-9
M: 6-7
MediumW: 9-12.5
M: 7-11
LargeW: 13+
M: 11.5+
Correct Toes come in four sizes, to provide a customized fit: X-SMALL, SMALLMEDIUM, and LARGE. The sizing guide on the side menu provides an approximation for the correct size.

Most women and many men find the MEDIUM size most beneficial and adaptable to their feet, though this is not universally true. Some people may need to start out in a smaller size and move up to a larger size as foot adaptations take place. In most cases, we find that the large size works with individuals who wear a men's size 11.5/12 shoe and higher.

*Important note:  Everyone has a unique foot size and shape.   Your true size is based not only on shoe size, but also your foot width, toe width and natural toe splay. Download and printout the Correct Toes Sizing Guide to provide an additional guide for determing the correct sizing.

If you are still unsure of your size then send a picture of your feet taken while standing next to a ruler (to show the length and width of your foot)  to This image can give us a more accurate picture of which size is most appropriate for you.

Downloadable Sizing Guide

2Using Correct Toes
vital feet correct toes fit cropCorrect Toes are placed in between the toes. They are designed to be worn either barefoot, in wide slippers, or in shoes. They can also be worn with toe socks.

Incorporate Correct Toes SLOWLY and progressively. We recommend wearing them for a half-hour the first day and then increasing the time by approximately 30 minutes each day. This will allow your body to adjust to the changes. For best results incorporate Correct Toes into your daily weight-bearing activities.

You may experience some soreness at first, as would be expected when muscles are being utilized in a new way. Just like with any new activity, the soreness should subside and your muscles will end up stronger and more capable than before.

Correct Toes Fit

*Important note: Shoes MUST be wide enough to accommodate toes with Correct Toes in place. To test your shoe, pull the liner out and stand on it. If any part of your foot hangs over the liner, then the shoes are too narrow, and Correct Toes will not work with them. See the diagram. On the left, the shoe is too narrow. On the right, the shoe is wide enough, and they can be used with Correct Toes.
Not everyones toes are the same, that why the Correct Toes product has been designed with some additional modification options. Please refer to the Correct Toes product manual for more details.

  If rubbing or skin irritation occurs:
  • Toe Socks can be worn under the Correct Toes.
  • Ensure footwear is sufficiently wide. Remove the insole of the footwear and place the foot with Correct Toes directly on the insole if any part of the foot overhanging the insole then the footwear is to narrow to be worn with the Correct Toes.
  • One of the following modifications can be used to remove the bothersome material
Pinky toe is spread to wide:
  • The Correct Toes pinky toe spacer can be either reduced by half or fully removed depending on the amount of excess spread. Please refer the product manual for specific instructions.
Correct Toes slide off the  foot:
  • It is not unusual to have a small amount of movement of the Correct Toes throughout the day. Toe socks can sometimes help secure the Correct Toes and conventional socks can also help support the Correct Toes in place.
  • Trim big toe and/or pinky toe pillar so that the Correct Toes can slide more deeply onto the feet. Please refer the product manual for specific instructions.
Correct Toes feel too tight on toes:
  • A larger size of Correct Toes may be needed.
  • Cut a small hole on the top and bottom of the Correct Toes. Please refer the product manual for specific instructions.
  • A shim can be added into the Correct Toes slot of the big toe to provide additional spread. Please refer the product manual for specific instructions.
  • Correct Toes are only effective for hammertoes that are flexible. A small hole in the Correct Toes over the hammertoe and trimming away of the interspace.
  • Apply moleskin.
  • Cut a small hole in the top of the Correct Toes over the affected toe.
  • Trim away a portion of the pillar. Please refer the product manual for specific instructions.
Webbed Toes:
  • Trim away a portion or entirely remove the pillar that conflicts with the webbed toes. Please refer the product manual for specific instructions.
4Correct Toes Manual
The Correct Toes Owners Manual is provided with the Correct Toes product.

You can download the manual here.
5Correct Toes USA
The Correct Toes product line was invented by Dr. Ray McClanahan, Podiatrist and Owner of NorthWest Foot & Ankle, a progressive sports podiatry clinic located in NW Portland, OR. In his 18 years as a podiatrist, Dr. Ray McClanahan has learned that most foot problems can be corrected by restoring natural foot function. The Correct Toes product line was designed with just this goal in mind to align, strengthen and restore natural foot function and health.

More information about Dr. Ray McClanahan and NorthWest Foot & Ankle can be found at
6Correct Toes FAQs
The reason why Correct Toes work:

Most of us have spent a lifetime in footwear that is too narrow at the ends of the toes. The result is that our foot shape actually changes such that the toes become scrunched together. This disrupts the structural integrity of the entire foot and feeds into the rest of the body causing many aches and pains.

Correct Toes work by spreading the toes such that they re-approximate natural anatomy which is essential to achieving proper gate. By placing the toes into optimal alignment, slowly and progressively, the foot architecture changes. The muscles and other tissues of the foot and body are able to adapt and strengthen accordingly. Ultimately, the goal is to return the foot to its natural shape and function!

Foot conditions that can be helped:

Regular use of Correct Toes in shoes that are sufficiently wide, lightweight, and flexible can, over time, correct a wide variety of foot problems. Examples of conditions treated are: bunions, hammertoes, ingrown toenails, heel pain or plantar fasciosis, corns, neuromas, capsulitis, lower leg pain, and runner’s knee. Amazingly, no orthotics, surgeries, or medications are required!

Importance of using correct Footwear:

To maximise the benefits of wearing Correct Toes it is vital to utilise shoes that are completely flat, lightweight, flexible, and sufficiently wide in the toe box, so that the foot can function like a barefoot inside the shoe. This type of footwear must be used on a very regular basis.

Unfortunately, almost all the footwear available on the market does not respect natural anatomy. In a natural foot, the widest part of the foot is at the ends of the toes, not at the ball. The trick to finding appropriate footwear is to make sure that the shoe is the same shape as your foot. The best way to test this is to pull the liner out of the shoe and stand on it while wearing Correct Toes product. No part of your foot should hang over the liner. If it does, the shoe is too narrow. The Lems Shoes are designed with all the correct features for good footwear and are perfect for combining with the Correct Toes product.

Difference between Correct Toes and other toe spacers:

All other toe-spacing products on the market are designed for use while barefoot and while sitting (non-weight-bearing). They are bulky, and it would therefore be impossible to use them while standing, walking, or in shoes.

Correct Toes are the ONLY product that is specifically designed to be worn in footwear and during weight-bearing activity. This is essential for attaining the best possible results in making actual changes to the foot and alleviating foot problems. The material is light-weight, soft, comfortable, and durable.

Also, Correct Toes do not arbitrarily space the toes. Correct Toes were specifically designed by a podiatrist (Dr. Ray McClanahan) to space the toes in their optimal positions, both in relation to the ground and to each other.

Length of time to get results when wearing Correct Toes:

This depends on many factors, such as a person’s age, how often Correct Toes are used, level of physical activity, how often appropriate footwear is worn, etc. Most people experience some relief right away, with continued positive results over many months. For architectural changes to take place in the feet, some time and dedication is required. Just as the negative changes took a long time to develop, so too will positive changes require some time. You should anticipate on wearing your Correct Toes for many years. Positive changes will occur sooner than that, but continued use will assure on-going natural foot health.

Correct Toes for walking or running:

Having spread toes while running and walking is great for the feet and whole body. It also feels wonderful. It is VERY IMPORTANT that the shoe is wide enough in the toe box to incorporate Correct Toes without pinching or rubbing. To test your shoe, take the liner out and stand on it while wearing the Correct Toes. If any part of the foot hangs over the liner, then these shoes will not work with Correct Toes.

Wearing Correct Toes and conventional orthotics:

Correct Toes eliminate the need for conventional orthotics in most people by enabling your foot arch to support itself. The Correct Toes SHOULD NOT be worn in combination with orthotics. Instead it is recommend to wean yourself off orthotics by slowly and progressively introducing Correct Toes into your footwear.

Correct Toes are, by definition, an orthotic, though conventional custom orthotics are placed under your foot arch (instead of between your toes) and attempt to alter foot position by using an unnatural methodology (i.e., by propping up your foot arch). Instead Correct Toes, supports your foot’s arches in the exact manner nature intended, by placing your toes in their ideal natural alignment. So here we have two different types of orthotics attempting to do the same thing: one violates the natural anatomy of the foot, the other provides natural alignment to the foot and toes, and thus balance and support.

Correct Toes are particularly effective in enabling optimal foot health when used in combination with a completely flat shoe surface (i.e., when they are worn in a shoe that possesses no heel elevation, toe spring, or motion control features).

Modifying the Correct Toes fit:

The Correct Toes can be modified to customize the fit for differences in peoples feet. These modifications are described in the owners manual and in the modification section under the Correct Toes menu.

Contraindications for using Correct Toes:

Anyone with diabetes or with diminished sensation of the feet should NOT use Correct Toes. Also, anyone with diminished circulation (peripheral arterial disease or “PAD”) should NOT use Correct Toes. If for any reason you are uncertain about whether you should use Correct Toes, you should consult your holistically-minded healthcare provider.

If you are still unsure or have any questions regarding the Correct Toes please contact or by calling 250-920-8818. Alternatively you can contact Northwest Foot & Ankle (Correct Toes USA) by clicking here.
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8Return Policy
We understand that an order does not always work out.

Correct Toes products can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase and come with a 90-day materials warranty for replacement.

Lems Shoes and Altra Shoes products that are unworn without any visible wear and tear can be returned or exchanged within 30 days of purchase.

*Note: Return shipping fees are not covered under the return policy and will be the responsibility of the customer. All returns/exchanges require a return authorization number that can be acquired by contacting us at or by calling 250.920.8818.

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