Foot Health

Healthy Feet

The health of your feet is of primary importance to your overall health. The mobility and function of the feet have an enormous effect on the rest of our body, they can literally reshape the physical structure of our whole body.

The Effects of Footwear

A major factor in many of today's pains and ailments of the feet arise directly from the use of poorly designed footwear. Through the use of poorly designed footwear excessive compression forces and mobility restriction of the feet can occur which in turn creates misalingment of the bones in the feet. This in turn changes the tone and balance of all the muscles, ligaments and tendons of the feet, causing pain and misalignment throughout the rest of the body.

Imagine what would happen to your body if you had an item of clothing that radically altered your natural structure. For example, a shirt that was designed to force a hunch in your back, rolling the shoulders forward, collapsing the chest and straining your neck. You would probably want to throw it away as soon as possible before it could cause negative and lasting structural changes to your body.

In a similar fashion, we are doing exactly this to our feet every time we wear poorly designed and incorrectly fitting footwear. The feet are unique in that they are our only body part that regularly experiences excessive restriction and misalignment during normal daily activities.

Each foot consists of:

  • 26 bones with 33 joints (making up one-quarter of the body's bones)
  • Over 100 muscles, tendons & ligaments (site of the strongest tendon in the body)
  • Over 200,000 nerve endings (densest concentration in entire body)
  • Over 250,000 sweat glands (expel 1 pint of sweat per day)
  • A network of blood vessels
  • So a lot can go wrong when footwear changes the balance in the feet.
The primary cause for most foot problems arise from incorrectly designed footwear. By limiting the movement of the calcaneous joint the natural spreading of the tibia and fibula is restricted and the flexor muscles of the leg begin to tighten. With compression across the toes we loose the abiltiy to spread the base of our foot and restrict the movement throughout the medial and lateral arch. Heel height misaligns the structure all by itself and the trendy cutout in the side of some shoes limits the load bearing capacity and function of the 5th metatarsal.

The Good News

The Good News, is that much of the pain and ailments that arise from poor footwear can be reversed when the natural foot function is restored. The only real solution for restoring natural foot function is to create an environment where feet are continually experiencing a corrective force that will promote the natural balance and postural integrity of the feet.

The Correct Toes product in conjunction with the Lems Shoes footwear can provide such an environment for this type of change. Unlike orthotics that support but restrict the full movement of the medial and lateral arch, the Correct Toes does not impede the natural movement of the foot in any way. It works on the principle of correcting the alignment of the forces through the foot while allowing for the natural unimpeded movement. Over time these forces will reshape and restore balance back to the feet and reverse the impact of the poorly designed footwear. The Lems Shoes footwear works synergistically with the Correct Toes by most closely simulating barefoot conditions so that unimpeded functional movement can occur.

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