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Correct Toes


The Correct Toes product was designed by a Podiatrist to specifically place each toe into it's correct anatomical alignment in relation to the ground and to one-another. Supporting natural alignment and function of the feet. Through the use of functional realignment the Correct Toes product continually retrains, strengthens, and balances the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones of the feet. This provides an alternative approach over custom orthotics or surgery. Over time the Correct Toes product can restore the natural healthy function and postural integrity of the feet. 

    Promoting Balance and Stability

    The Correct Toes product promotes balance and stability as it helps create a wider base for the foot by spreading the toes. This is particularly helpful in reducing strain and injury for any kind of balancing practice such as yoga. It is also particularly helpful in reducing the likelihood of falls in the elderly.

    High Quality and Extensively Tested

    Constructed of medical grade silicon, the Correct Toes is a North American made product that is flexible, highly durable and very comfortable to wear.

    The only toe spacer that can
    be worn barefoot or inside approved footwear,
    while being active. The Correct Toes product has been extensively tested on hundreds of patients with outstanding success.

    Benefits of Correct Toes


    Similar to braces impacting the alignment of teeth, Correct Toes slowly and progressively change foot architecture. Structural changes create a wider base of support, improving balance, proprioception, gait and posture.


    Accompanied by naturally-shaped footwear, Correct Toes encourage the foot to move, flex and bend. As muscles strengthen, the foot is able to support itself, eliminating the need for artificial arch support and orthotics.


    Correct Toes is a foot health tool that can be used to restore normal and natural foot and toe function. Foot pain and problems can be resolved when the toes are realigned in the way that nature intended.

    Why Spread Your Toes?