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FAQ Lems Shoes

The unique Lems Shoes fit
All Lems Shoes have a unique foot-shaped fit, this is because of LemsLast™, which has been designed to have the widest toe box on the market. It's designed to allow all 5 toes to splay apart inside the shoe, and at the same time it follows the natural curved shape of the heel and mid foot (and for those individuals who use Correct Toes, you have enough room to wear the product within the Lems Shoes).

The Lems Shoes fit should feel wide in the fore foot and form fitting in the heel. In no way, shape, or form should your foot feel restricted. Now that you have footwear that is not trying to strangle your toes, it's going to feel as though the shoes are too loose, but think again, for once you start to feel comfortable with your feet being able to spread out, then you will never turn back to 'conventional' footwear; this is what the Lems Shoes footwear is all about

Adapting your feet to the Lems Shoes footwear
Lems Shoes are specifically designed to mimic the shape of the human foot. For some people it can take time to adapt the feet to wearing Lems Shoes. This is because all of the bones, ligaments, and muscles of the feet will start to spread, remobilize and strengthen now that the footwear is no longer impeding the structural and functional integrity of the feet.

If you are just starting out, please remember that you may initially feel some discomfort when wearing Lems Shoes for an extended period of time. If you do feel discomfort then it is recommended that you slowly introduce wearing the Lems Shoes into your daily life. You can start with an hour per day and slowly increase the time by an additional hour each day. Once your feet begin to strengthen and get used to the design of the shoe, that pain or discomfort should subside and your feet should feel better than ever before.

What about the Arch Support
Lems Shoes are designed to most closely match barefoot conditions. We believe less support under your feet is good thing provided the feet have an opportunity to move without being impeded. Over time this full movement increases the strength of the muscles and ligaments and improves the alignment and mobility of the bones. This retraining of the feet will radically strengthen the arches whether they are high or low. Once you have adjusted to wearing minimalist footwear, you should find Lems Shoes to be a life changing experience.

For customers that feel they need more support under their feet, the Correct Toes product is perfect as it realigns the position of the toes that then feeds into the support of the feet without restricting the functional movement. This allows the feet to strengthen and remobilize back to their full potential.

About the Lems Shoes removable insole
All Lems Shoes contain a removable insole that is 3 mm thick. The insole can be worn in the shoes for those individuals who are seeking more arch and heel support or for those people who have narrow feet and seek a more snug feel within the shoe. Lems Shoes are also designed to be worn without the insole for those who want to experience a more minimalist shoe fit.

Wearing Custom Orthotics inside of Lems Shoes
Custom orthotics can certainly be worn in Lems Shoes, but as a company that whole-heartedly believes 'less is more', we feel that with time you should be able to eliminate the need for custom orthotics. As an alternative to custom orthotics, the Correct Toes product can be used to retrain and restrengthen the feet back to structural integrity and function.