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Xero Shoes

Barefoot Inspired Natural Movement

Enjoy the fun and freedom of letting your feet move the way nature intended. Lightweight, flexible, super comfortable. People in 94 countries wear Xeros for walking, hiking, running, working out, paddling, dancing... and FUN!

Xero Shoes Design

Natural Fit: Wide toe box to let your toes spread and relax. A "Xero-drop", non-elevated heel for proper posture.

Natural Feel: Low to the ground for balance and agility with a just-right combination of protection and ground feel.

Natural Motion: Patented FeelTrue soles let your feet bend and flex naturally and are backed by a 5000 mile sole warranty.

Xero Shoes: give you the fun and freedom of natural, barefoot movement, plus one of 4 levels of protection to take you where you want to go.

Xero Shoes